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Founded in 1996, Yantai Development Zone Tianyu Petrochemical Equipment CO.,LTD.(hereinafter referred to as the “company”) is the first and largest manufacturer of covered wire hoses, with utility model patent certificate. The company is located in the west of scenic Yantai Economic and Technological Development Zone, with Dalian to the north, Qingdao to the south and Weihai to the east. Yantai is an ideal place both for working and living.

Tongxin brand covered wire hoses of our main products have the key technical indexes in accordance with the Meiji covered wire hose standard of GC Corporation and reaching world advanced level. The hose is characterized by light weight, oil resistance, acid & alkali resistance, temperature resistance, positive and negative pressure resistance, maintainability, reliable static electricity guiding function, convenient operation and extreme durability, which are mainly applicable to petroleum extraction, petroleum refining, effluent oil treatment, petrifaction storage, oil and grease storage, ship industry, oil port and dock and petroleum product aviation fuel oil, and are the most popular novel pipe in petrochemical industry.

The company can produce various specifications products with the inner diameter between 40mm-300mm.

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Yantai Development Zone Tianyu Petrochemical Equipment CO.,LTD.

Address:No.2 Qinshan Road, Yantai Development Zone, Shandong, China


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