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Integral insulation joint function and structure

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整体式绝缘接头可用于输送燃气、输水、输油管网的管路中,是依据SY/T0023-1997《埋地钢制管运阴极保护参数测试方法》、SY/T0086-2003《阴极保护管道电绝缘标准》以及Q/XDFI-2007标准设计制造的。  整体式绝缘接头功能及结构  整体式绝缘接头是与埋地钢质管道有同样的密封性能、强度性能和绝缘性能要求的管道接头。它包括组合件、绝缘板、填料、密封环、短管等。该接头的主要作用是钢质管
Integral insulated joints can be used to transport gas, water and oil pipelines. It is based on SY/T0023-1997 "Test method for cathodic protection parameters of buried steel pipes" and SY/T0086-2003 "Cathodic protection pipelines". Insulation Standard and Q/XDFI-2007 standard design and manufacture.
Integral insulation joint function and structure
Integral insulated joints are pipe joints that have the same sealing, strength and insulation properties as buried steel pipes. It includes assemblies, insulation plates, packing, seal rings, short tubes, and the like. The main function of the joint is between the pipe sections of the steel pipe, between the main pipe and the branch pipe, and between the pipe and the equipment, which isolates the cathodic protection pipe section from the pipe section without the cathodic protection. Generally, the outlet joints of the protected pipeline, the two ends of the large crossing, the stray current influence section, and the insulated joints of the protected pipeline and other main and branch pipelines that should not be cathodically protected.
The integral insulating joint adopts high pressure between the steel pipes at both ends to press the insulating sealing member and the sealing packing. Thereby forming a dense palace sealing structure, a good insulation effect and a sealing effect are achieved, and the strength of the connection is ensured. Finally, a heat shrink sleeve is placed on the outside to prevent aging and impact damage in the atmosphere.