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Maintenance and repair of composite oil hose during pipeline installation

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When the pipeline is installed, it is easy to appear that the welded joint is not tight enough. The welding is not strong, and the welding interface is confusing. The unit that inspects the welding wi
When the pipeline is installed, it is easy to appear that the welded joint is not tight enough. The welding is not strong, and the welding interface is confusing. The unit that inspects the welding will also make the result of the sampling test. The pipeline in the above situation will be caused once it is put into use. More serious consequences. The compound hose manufacturer pointed out that in the anti-corrosion treatment, the problems that are prone to occur are that the grade of the rust remover is unqualified, the anti-corrosion material does not meet the standard, and the patch is not repaired according to the standard, and the above problems have occurred to the pipeline. Bring quality impact.
Most of the construction units have long-term professional experience, and their technical drawings and specificities for the installation of the pipe sections are sometimes neglected. The composite hose manufacturer pointed out that there will be discrepancies between the construction drawings and the actual conditions; there is no need for special inspections. Careful verification of the pipe section will bring more trouble to the future operation.
When the composite oil hose is used as a vacuum seal as a vacuum seal, its life should reach 30,000 times to ensure normal operation. When used to compensate for positional deviations in the piping system due to installation, it is sufficient to have only a few life requirements. It is used in a thermostat controller with a high switching rate and has a life of 10,000 times to meet the requirements of use. Due to the negligence of the manager, the maintenance and maintenance of the oil pipeline equipment is not in place, so the life of the equipment is greatly shortened, which not only affects the production efficiency of the oil company, but also increases the production cost of the enterprise.
Problems with maintenance technology Because oil pipelines are buried underground all the year round, the surface is prone to produce various microorganisms, which makes it difficult to clean the pipeline of composite oil hoses. In addition, corrosive media and bacteria in crude oil and sewage can accelerate the corrosion rate of oil pipelines, causing sedimentation and scaling of equipment, and even lead to leakage, which affects the transportation efficiency of petroleum.
The production of batches of pipes must have a sufficient number of equipment and personnel. The only advantage is that there is almost no waste. It is difficult to repair the damaged pipes of this process. Basically, the recommendations of the composite hose manufacturers are scrapped and returned to the manufacturer. The manufacturer can't repair it. Even if the repair is emergency rubber or glue, the pressure resistance and safety factor are greatly reduced. It can't be used for lifting or working pressure. It can only be used under low pressure and no pressure.
The pipe process hose has uniform wall thickness, stable outer diameter and uniform pressure. The hose body is made long. The length can be cut according to customer requirements. After the joint is installed, the standard of the joint is universal and interchangeable. it is good. The compound hose manufacturer pointed out that the seal of the joint is sealed by oil-resistant or acid-resistant rubber ring. The joint is screwed into the hose to form a mechanical thread connection, and the sleeve is crimped and riveted. The strength of the connection is very high, and the joint does not come out of the hose. In addition, the inner and outer wires are tightly connected to the joint and cannot be moved, providing reliable electrostatic conductivity.
The joint is installed first, the inner wire is welded on the joint, and the film and cloth are fixed on the joint by glue and steel wire. The process equipment is simple, the wall thickness and outer diameter of the pipe are not uniform, the pressure is uneven, and the flexibility is relatively poor. The inner and outer steel wires are welded on the joints. They are afraid of falling. The hoses are accidentally dropped onto the ground. It is easy to remove the inner and outer wires, lose the static electricity, and it is easy to get the joints out of the hose. Composite hose manufacturers pointed out that especially for pipes with large diameters, the general price is 10,000 yuan. Due to accidental damage, the damage caused to customers is very large.