Composite hose use and purchase oil hose

Composite hose can be used in high-frequency, low-amplitude vibration occasions, but not for low-frequency, high-amplitude vibration occasions, such as piston compressors, diesel engines, etc. caused by vibration, because such vibration will increase the maximum stress of the expansion joint. In the case of meeting the internal pressure, composite hose wall thickness is appropriate to take a small value, in order to reduce the intrinsic frequency, increase flexibility, reduce the load.    

When installing expansion joints on pipes with machine vibration, one end of the expansion joint should be made as close as possible to the machine, and the pipe connected to the other end of the expansion joint should be fixed as close as possible to the expansion joint. Because the fixed point is too far away from the expansion joint, the pipe between the expansion joint and the fixed point becomes a hanging beam, so not only can not absorb vibration, but also increase the vibration and shorten its life.   

Composite hose is a component that connects pipes, and it is also an important compensation component for equipment pipes. When the equipment is in operation, the equipment pipeline will be due to external factors such as displacement, mechanical deformation, vibration, etc., because the pipeline itself does not have scalability, once the mechanical deformation or displacement will cause damage to the pipeline. However, the composite hose can compensate for this displacement, mechanical deformation, vibration and other pressures for the equipment pipeline, thus effectively guaranteeing the healthy operation of the mechanical pipeline.   

(1) Composite hose is used to compensate for the positional deviation caused by the installation of the piping system, its life requirements only a few times will be enough.   

(2) Composite hose for switching a high rate of thermostatic controller, its life to reach 10000 times to meet the use of requirements.   

(3) Composite hose for vacuum switch as a vacuum seal, its life to reach 30000 times to ensure normal operation.   Composite hose in the working process, the length of its life depends mainly on the maximum stress generated in the working process. In order to reduce the stress, generally by reducing the composite hose work displacement and reduce the working pressure to achieve. In the general design of the provisions of the composite hose working displacement should be less than half of its allowable displacement, its working pressure should be less than half of the composite hose pressure resistance. The current production of composite hose test proved that if the composite hose according to the above specification work, it will use the basic life of the earth can reach about 50,000 times.   

Application of composite hose in natural gas pipeline connection   

Natural gas composite hose is mainly used is the soft PVC material, so as to form is very good protective sleeve. The natural gas composite hose is very resistant to ageing and ultraviolet rays. Now the natural gas composite hose in general to meet the basic needs of customers, it is also very much more ways to install. Because now the natural gas composite hose is very strong corrosion resistance. So on the whole then its service life in general are up to more than fifty years. So the natural gas composite hose pipe in general is not affected by any factors. Therefore, the natural gas composite hose is very convenient to install, by the people's favorite.   

Oil is the blood of China's economic development, is China's economic development of the strong backing and strong pillar, in the face of increasingly fierce international technological competition and China's oil mining technology limitations, China's oil production has been far from being able to meet the current economic development needs. At present, nearly half of China's oil production from foreign imports, oil transportation has many ways, railroad transportation, road transportation and pipeline transportation, relatively speaking, pipeline transportation because it is not subject to seasonal and environmental constraints, wood will not be the pipeline along the environmental pollution caused by the import of oil by the big countries of the wide range of applications. However, due to the large investment in oil hose, more investment operators, and oil hose operators have been the pursuit of profit maximization, so that there are many problems in the management of oil hose transportation, such as management is not standardized, oil hose transportation there are safety risks and other issues are becoming increasingly prominent, which should have a serious impact on the safety of China's oil hose transportation.

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