Food grade beer hose or wine hose

Food grade beer hose or wine hose meets the sanitary grade requirements set forth by the industry, and our hose is able to meet the demanding requirements of cleaning cycles in beer and wine processing systems.

Beer and wine brewing requires rigorous and systematic conduct of operations such as mixing, filtering, stabilizing, preserving, bottling and cleaning, as well as other ingredients, through the function of conveying product between equipment or vessels. Our food grade PVC plastic reinforced hoses are also the choice for brewery and winery hoses where flexibility is required.     

Food Grade PVC Plastic Reinforced Hose PPSD Usage: Pumping and conveying of aqueous food products (non-fat food). For example: beverages, fruit juices, wine, vinegar and water-based food with alcohol content not more than 20%.

Characteristics: Hose made of bio-vinyl with red spiral plastic reinforcement. No phthalates or other synthetic plasticizers are added. Smooth inner wall, light, very soft and robust. High strength against mechanical fatigue, resistant to aging and to most chemicals.

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