What are the material requirements for the manufacture of stainless steel quick couplings?

Quick coupling is a kind of pipe joints that can realize rapid disassembling and assembling without using tools, which has the advantages of compact structure, small volume, light weight, high pressure resistance and interchangeability. This kind of pipe fitting is light and handy, clean and easy to use, widely used in aerospace, metallurgy, mining, forging, coal, petroleum, ships, machine tools, chemical equipment and all kinds of agricultural machinery hydraulic, pneumatic transmission and lubrication fluid transmission pipeline system, completely realize the safety and efficiency of the rapid conversion of no leakage. In the urgent need for frequent dismantling of the pipeline is particularly adaptable. Stainless steel quick coupling can be combined into any combination, can be combined into one end of the female thread, one end of the external thread; both ends are taking over; one end of the external thread, one end of the internal thread; or any blockage. Quick couplings are mainly divided into 304 (CF8) 316 (CF8M) materials Quick coupling molds are divided into heavy-duty quick couplings, light-duty quick couplings, the lightest quick couplings.    

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