Pipeline installation with composite oil transfer hose maintenance

In the pipeline installation, easy to appear welding joints are not tight enough, welding is not strong will also appear from time to time, welding interface grade confusion, inspection of the welding unit will also fake sampling results, the above situation of the pipeline once put into use will cause more serious consequences. Composite hose manufacturers pointed out that, in the anti-corrosion treatment, easy to appear problems are unqualified grade of rust remover, anti-corrosion materials do not meet the standards, not in accordance with the standards for patching, patching, etc., the above problems have occurred will bring the quality of the pipeline impact.   

Most of the construction units are with long-term professional experience, they are on the installation of technical drawings and specificity of the pipe section sometimes ignored, composite hose manufacturers pointed out that this will appear in the construction drawings and the actual situation of discrepancies; no need for special testing of the pipe section to carry out a serious verification, which will give the future operation of the work to bring relatively big trouble.   

Composite oil transfer hose used for vacuum switch as a vacuum seal, its life should reach 30000 times to ensure normal operation. Used to compensate for the positional deviation caused by the installation in the piping system, its life requirement is only a few times is enough. Used for switching quite high rate of thermostatic controller, its life should reach 10000 times to meet the use of requirements. Due to the negligence of managers, resulting in the implementation of the repair and maintenance of oil pipeline equipment is not in place, so the life of the equipment is greatly shortened, not only affecting the production efficiency of the oil companies, but also inadvertently increase the production costs of enterprises.

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