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  • Maintenance

    Maintenance and repair of composite oil hose during pipeline installation


    When the pipeline is installed, it is easy to appear that the welded joint is not tight enough. The welding is not strong, and the welding interface is confusing. The unit that inspects the welding wi

  • Reasons

    Reasons for purchasing oil hoses


    1. The oil hose has good temperature resistance performance:The use temperature is -30 ° C ~ 120 ° C, there will be no hardening or softening of the tube due to climate or temperature changes;

  • Composite

    Composite hose use and optional oil hose


    The composite hose can be used in high frequency and low amplitude vibration, but it is not suitable for low frequency and high amplitude vibration, such as piston compressor, diesel engine, etc., bec

  • Food

    Food grade beer tube or wine hose


    Food grade beer tubes or wine hoses meet industry-standard hygiene requirements, and our hoses meet the demanding requirements of the cleaning cycle in beer and wine processing systems.

  • What

    What are the requirements for the manufacture of stainless steel quick couplings?


    The quick connector is a pipe joint that can be quickly disassembled without using tools. It has the advantages of compact structure, small size, light weight, high pressure resistance and interchange

  • Integral

    Integral insulation joint function and structure


    整体式绝缘接头可用于输送燃气、输水、输油管网的管路中,是依据SY/T0023-1997《埋地钢制管运阴极保护参数测试方法》、SY/T0086-2003《阴极保护管道电绝缘标准》以及Q/XDFI-2007标准设计制造的。  整体式绝缘接头功能及结构  整体式绝缘接头是与埋地钢质管道有同样的密封性能、强度性能和绝缘性能要求的管道接头。它包括组合件、绝缘板、填料、密封环、短管等。该接头的主要作用是钢质管

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