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Composite hose use and purchase oil hose

Natural gas composite hose is mainly used is the soft PVC material, so as to form is very good protective sleeve. The natural gas composite hose is very resistant to ageing and ultraviolet rays.

What are the material requirements for the manufacture of stainless steel quick couplings?

Quick coupling is a kind of pipe joints that can realize rapid disassembling and assembling without using tools, which has the advantages of compact structure, small volume, light weight, high pressure resistance and interchangeability.

Food grade beer hose or wine hose

Food grade beer hose or wine hose meets the sanitary grade requirements set forth by the industry, and our hose is able to meet the demanding requirements of cleaning cycles in beer and wine processing systems.

Reasons to choose oil hose

The use temperature is -30 ℃ ~ 120 ℃, will not be due to climate or use temperature changes and the phenomenon of hardening or softening of the tube body;

Pipeline installation with composite oil transfer hose maintenance

In the pipeline installation, easy to appear welding joints are not tight enough, welding is not strong will also appear from time to time, welding interface grade confusion

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